Rapha Packable Waterproof Jacket


The Rapha Packable Waterproof Jacket features a three-layer waterproof membrane with a high level of breathability. This jacket will protect you from heavy rain and snow regardless of the weather. Its high breathability ensures you’ll never feel wet while hiking up steep hills.

Core Rain Jacket

The Rapha Packable Waterproof Jacket Core Rain is a lightweight jacket that keeps you dry in any type of rain. With a 3-layer waterproof membrane and a high level of breathability, this jacket can withstand heavy rain and soaking winds. Moreover, the jacket is highly packable.

The Rapha Core Rain Jacket is an excellent choice for cyclists in all types of weather. Its lightweight design and waterproof nylon construction make it virtually impenetrable to the elements. It also features an AquaGuard (r) zipper and fully taped seams. It is incredibly comfortable to wear and packs into a small pocket or rucksack. This makes it ideal for emergency use.

Souplesse Jacket

The Rapha Souplesse Jacket is a water-resistant, windproof jacket with soft shell fabric. The jacket also features a high-stretch fabric that vents heat and sweat away from the body. This is an excellent feature for cyclists who must be outside for long periods.

This water-resistant jacket is race-proven and features a lightweight, streamlined design. Its three-layer water-resistant fabric keeps water out while allowing sweat to escape. The jacket is also designed with reflective logos and trim, making it more visible in low winter light.

Albion 3.0 version of Albion Rain Jacket

The Albion 3.0 Rain Jacket is a more lightweight, packable, and versatile option. Made of bluesign-approved nylon, it’s highly breathable and windproof. It doesn’t have a waterproof membrane but a high-quality DWR coating that sheds water well. The jacket has two chest pockets and a 2-way front zip.

The lightweight, three-layer laminate material is durable and offers breathability. The jacket also features an insulated midweight layer to keep you warm and dry. The jacket also packs down very small when not in use. This waterproof jacket is in slate grey and in different sizes.

Endura’s Shakedry material

Due to its breathability and water resistance, Endura’s Shakedry material is an excellent choice for a cycling jacket. This waterproof shell jacket features an aerodynamic design and a generous cut. Its stretchy Gore panels and Shakedry material make it a good option for all-weather cycling. Despite the lightweight construction, it remains comfortable to wear. It also features a two-way waterproof AquaGuard zip with a reinforced zip guard.

While most waterproof jackets are designed to combine breathability and water resistance, Endura’s Shakedry material offers both. Its single-layer fabric improves waterproofness while also reducing weight and pack size. However, the downside is that the material is relatively fragile and should not be used for backcountry cycling or backpack commuter use. Shoulder straps and thornbush contact are familiar sources of membrane damage.

Gore’s Shakedry material

The Rapha Packable Waterproof Jacket uses Gore’s Shakedry material, a breathable and lightweight alternative to conventional waterproof materials. This fabric is highly durable and features classic sealed seams and light elastic closures. It also has bonded cuffs and a waist to keep water out.

The jacket is incredibly lightweight, an essential factor in the cold. It also offers excellent ventilation and is highly breathable. The Rapha Pro Team Lightweight jacket is not cheap, but it does deliver solid performance, comes in a well-thought-out design, and is priced competitively.

Reproofing a waterproof jacket

The Rapha Packable Waterproof Jacket is made of Rapha’s Shakedry material, which is more breathable than traditional waterproof materials. It also features classic sealed seams and light elastic closures around the cuffs and waist. A small mesh pocket at the chest serves as additional storage, while a reflective stripe runs down the back of the jacket.

The Rapha jacket is lightweight and packaged in a stylish, high-end box. It also includes a lifetime warranty and comes with a lifetime repair guarantee. Because it is so light, you may want to order a size larger than you usually do. The label will give you the correct sizing information.

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