Panera Bread Reviews


If you are looking for Panera Bread reviews, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find information on their Freshness, Salads, Prices, Customer Service, and more. You’ll also be able to find out if this is a place you should avoid. But before you make a decision, make sure you read the pros and cons.


The bread and pastries at Panera Bread are not only delicious, but they are also healthy. The company sources healthy ingredients to make its bread. Its components include sprouted wheat, brown sugar, and seasonings. It also has a bakery program that donates leftovers to local hunger relief organizations. So whether you enjoy your bread with a side of soup or on its own, Panera has a product for you.

Although Panera uses organic ingredients, it also carries a higher price tag. Many of its components come from local farmers or organic companies. However, this approach makes it difficult to procure them at a reasonable price. Panera also invests a lot of money in advertising and marketing. As a result, their bread will cost more in 2022 than it is today due to the rising cost of ingredients and labour. Eggs, for example, have increased by about $0.20 in the past year.


Panera Bread is a fast food alternative that promotes healthy eating by using clean, fresh ingredients. However, their menu also features many calorie bombs. For example, the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on an Asiago Bagel have 700 calories and 30 grams of fat. Their bread bowl of clam chowder has 1,000 calories and half of the recommended daily sodium allowance. And while their bread is a great alternative to fast food, the Kitchen Sink Cookie packs eight hundred calories and 43 grams of fat.

The menu at Panera is varied, but all entrees include a bag of potato chips, an apple, and a piece of fresh bread. The broccoli cheddar soup, for example, is made with chopped broccoli, sliced carrots, and select seasonings. The soup comes in a bread bowl, which makes for a delicious lunch option.

Customer service

The Panera Bread Company operates more than 2,000 locations throughout the United States. Its headquarters is located in Sunset Hills, Missouri. Its mission is to serve customers with fresh, quality products at affordable prices. In addition to bread, the chain sells pastries, coffee, and other foods. Customers can order their favourites online or by phone.

Panera’s customer service agents are trained to help customers with any problems. They can answer questions about ordering online or via its mobile app and allow omers to use My Panera rewards. Additionally, they can help customers add a payment method to their accounts.


If you are looking for a delicious and healthy lunchtime option, you should try Panera bread salads. Panera bread is located throughout most of the country so that y, ou cnd and near you. You can also look for Panera locations near you online. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick meal in a hurry, you can try fast food salads from Wendy’s or Zaxby’s.

Panera has recently added two new items to its menu. The Thai Chicken Soup and Citrus Asian Crunch Salad with chicken have been created by their chefs and will join the company’s new platform of bold and authentic flavours. These new offerings will be available to customers throughout this year. They will be available individually or as part of Panera’s You Pick two combo entrees. This option allows guests to choose from 465 combinations for a greater variety of flavours.

Hidden menu

The Hidden menu at Panera Bread is worth a try if you are looking for a healthy and delicious sandwich. Many of the items on the menu are less processed and contain more exciting ingredients. The power chicken hummus bowl, for example, has only 330 calories. You can also try a power steak lettuce wrap containing just 280 calories. In addition, the dish features basil pesto, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

The Hidden menu at Panera Bread consists of mostly do-it-yourself items. Most of the dishes on this menu are low-carb, with just seven grams of carbohydrates per serving and 28 grams of protein per serving. Other options on the menu include roasted peppers, baby spinach, tomato, and red onion. In addition, several items are made with natural ingredients, such as basil pesto, so that you can eat them guilt-free.

Sourdough bread

If you are yoEatinganera’s, you’ve probably been confused about sourdough bread. This bread is made from yeast, enriched flour, water, salt, and a dough conditioner. It is not a true sourdough because it does not include a live sourdough starter. Instead, the bread contains premade commercial yeast. While this is a significant difference, it’s not a deal breaker – Panera sourdough bread is still quite delicious.

Panera’s bread is known for its freshness and consistency. Their bread is made daily, using a starter created 30 years ago in San Francisco. In addition to freshly baked sourdough bread, they also offer great coffee and hearty sandwiches. If you’re in the mood for a specialty soup, you can order it in a sourdough bread bowl. For example, their French onion soup comes with a slice of sourdough bread and Provel cheese, a blend of provolone, cheddar, and Swiss cheese.

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