Opcity Realty Reviews


Opcity is a service for Realtors that uses machine learning to match Realtors with qualified leads. This service eliminates paying for leads upfront and offers non-exclusive leads based on a Realtor’s zip code. It can increase your sales and closing rates by boosting your sales performance. While leads generated from Opcity do not guarantee you a client, they are more likely to close. This service also screens out tire kickers, so you will only receive quality leads.

Opcity uses machine learning to pair Realtors with qualified leads

Unlike traditional lead sources, which charge agents a set fee per lead, Opcity does not charge its agents a set fee per lead. Opcity earns a commission on each sale and pays Realtors a referral fee after closing the sale. The service generates three to five times the sales compared to traditional lead sources.

Opcity’s technology automatically pairs qualified leads with the right real estate agent. It analyzes several factors, including location, performance, customer reviews, and more. The Opcity system then assigns a score to each realtor based on these criteria. The higher the Opcity score, the better the fit for the lead. Realtors can work on improving their scores to get higher ratings.

Opcity pairs Realtors with qualified leads using an algorithm that identifies potential match-making agents. Leads are matched to a local Realtor based on their ReadyConnect Concierge score (from eighty to 120). A higher score means higher quality leads.

It eliminates the risk of paying for leads upfront

Opcity is a real estate lead generator for independent agents, but it also offers services for brokers. The company has a staff of 400 people who qualify leads by asking them a series of qualifying questions. This ensures the leads are qualified and only sent to real estate agents who can make money.

Opcity Realty charges Realtors a commission if they generate a buyer. This fee is usually 30 to 35 percent of the commission but can be higher if the lead is worth more than $150,000. Some agents may find this fee prohibitive, but the fact that the leads are highly qualified may make it worth it for them.

It offers non-exclusive leads by zip code.

City Realty is a real estate lead generation service. They offer a free service where potential homebuyers can enter their basic demographic information and answer questions about what they are looking for in a home. These leads are passed to a local Realtor, who can choose to pay for these leads or not.

This system allows real estate agents to sign up for non-exclusive leads by zip code program. These leads are generated by a real estate company, which pays the real estate agent a share of the voice. The customer is then matched with a local agent and can complete the transaction. This service offers the convenience of non-exclusive leads by zip code and rewards agents who refer their clients. Agents also get paid a referral fee when their leads turn into sales.

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