Onyx Forex Review


The Onyx Forex Review is run by Nick Deflorio and is dedicated to making trading accessible for everyone, not just the experienced. The program is designed to be easy to use and has a beginner-friendly strategy focusing on compounding growth. In addition to making trading accessible, the Onyx Forex review also breaks down the trading process into simple steps anyone can follow.

Nick Deflorio

Nick Deflorio is a real estate agent who began trading in 2016. He soon realized that he wanted more flexibility in his life and quit his full-time job with a high-end real estate company. Nick Deflorio’s onyx forex review focuses on a beginner-friendly compounding growth strategy. This system allows beginners to start with a small amount of capital and turn it into a cost-effective 6-figure online business within a year.

The program has received rave reviews from past students, and Nick Deflorio has a reputation for providing high-quality, step-by-step instruction for beginners. He claims that the program has helped over 400 people break free from their day jobs and earned over $250,000 last year by using his strategy.

Onyx Forex

Founded by Nick Deflorio, an amateur trading education expert, Onyx Forex provides traders with the education and tools they need to become successful traders. The company offers complete online trading training and is available 24 hours daily. Its software allows clients to trade in a wide range of currency pairs. In addition, the site is updated in real-time, so clients can easily evaluate the markets and trade on their own time.

Onyx Forex review: This broker does not seem to be regulated by any regulatory agency. This means that it is not protected by a regulator and is, therefore, likely to scam customers. Therefore, traders should be very cautious when dealing with an unregulated broker.

Onyx Scalper system

The Onyx Scalper system is a trading software that applies to all major currency pairs and chart timeframes. It does not claim to make you a millionaire overnight, but it can give you a steady stream of profits. The system comes with three different modes of trading, each with different levels of risk and frequency of trades.

This software is easy to use and is perfect for both beginners and more experienced traders alike. It comes with detailed instructions and trade examples to help you learn the ins and outs of the system. The built-in trading algorithm uses technical indicators to determine when to enter or exit a trade. It also boasts an easy-to-understand dashboard with clear colour-coded trading signals. It also has an alert system that can be set to pop up on your platform or send you an SMS.

Mentorship program

The mentorship program at Onyx Forex is an opportunity for aspiring traders to learn from the best experts in the industry. However, this program is not cheap. It costs a lot of money and does not have a refund policy for subscribers and group members. Therefore, knowing how to evaluate the program before enrolling is important.

Onyx is actively recruiting coaches and mentors. These individuals have relevant experience in the corporate sector and are skilled in leadership. They will be responsible for guiding the matching process with the scholars.

Scam factor

While the Onyx Forex review claims that it can help you make $1000 daily, I find it difficult to believe that they are legit. Their website includes one paid advertisement, but that’s about it. The site also features a magazine, but the articles are not trading-related and seem all about SEO linking services.

The Onyx Scalper is a forex trading system that helps traders make money by providing accurate Buy/Sell signals. The software uses the free MetaTrader platform to perform trades. It also offers three trading modes: conservative, medium, and aggressive. Each mode has its risk level, and choosing the right one for your trading personality is essential.

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