Olive Clothing Review Reddit


If you’re interested in shopping online for clothing or accessories, you’ve probably heard of Olive Clothing. But the question is: is it legit, or just another scam? Here’s a look at what people have to say about the brand. Is customer service a joke? Is the company’s website a scam?

Negative customer service

Negative customer service at Olive Clothing is not something to be proud of. This company sells one-size clothing and does not fit those over size 10. This is against the Consumer Rights Act. Additionally, they make their customers pay for the cost of returning a faulty item. Lastly, their customer service is very rude and arrogant when discussing returns.

Customer service is a joke

Customer service at Olive Clothing is terrible. The store, formerly Luna, is located on the San Marco strip. The company sells mainly one-size clothing. It isn’t recommended for people over size 10. Furthermore, the company violates the Consumer Rights Act by making its customers pay for the return costs of faulty items. Customers are then treated rudely and arrogantly.

Is it a scam?

The main question that people may have is, “Is Olive Clothing a scam?” If you’re planning on purchasing any Olive clothing items, you should make sure that they are legit. Before purchasing anything, you should check out the legitimacy of the website and see whether it is free of malware, fraud, or phishing. Ultimately, you want to be safe while shopping online, and Olive is a legit site that you can trust.

Fraud takes many forms, and it usually involves buying low and selling high. That’s good business, but it’s also a profitable crime. This often happens in the olive oil industry, as lower-grade vegetable oils are sold as extra virgin olive oil. Although the FDA is a vital organization, it’s also underfunded and understaffed and is often not able to catch scammers in time.

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