Moto G6 Review – Display, Performance, and Face Filters


This Moto G6 Review focuses on its Display, Performance, and Face Filters. It also has a great camera and a fast battery. We also discuss its small add-ons and features like the gestures and screenless Android navigation. The fingerprint sensor on the back lets you swipe back and access your Recent Apps menu without having to use the on-screen button bar.

Motorola Moto G6

The Moto G6 retains much of the design DNA of its predecessors, including a slightly bowed-out top and bottom edge, softly rounded corners, and a camera housing that sticks out quite a bit. Unfortunately, this is problematic because it tends to attract pocket dust. Moreover, the phone lacks IP or full waterproofing, but it does feature a water-repellent coating that should keep out splashes and rain.

The Moto G6’s camera can take decent photos in good lighting conditions. You can use a manual mode to control shutter speed and focus. It also offers special effects like spot color, which blacks out the background behind an object. However, the front camera isn’t as good, and it doesn’t do much to improve selfies.

Performance of the phone

The Snapdragon 450 processor inside the Moto G6 offers decent performance for regular usage. It handles most everyday tasks smoothly and will not cause you any lags. However, heavy gamers should expect a little bit of lag at times. Nonetheless, the overall impression of this phone is positive. It offers a pure Android experience with decent software optimization.

The Moto G6 also features 4GB RAM. While the Moto G5 was equipped with a 1.8GHz Snapdragon 430 processor, the G6 Plus has a faster processor that runs at 2.2GHz. The dual-core processor is supported by dual-channel LPDDR4 RAM.

Display quality

The Moto G6 has a 5.70-inch Full HD+ screen with an 18:9 aspect ratio. It offers an excellent contrast ratio and brightness. The screen is available in two color options: Indigo and Silver. It also has a waterproof body. Its display is similar to the one on the Moto G5s Plus.

The Moto G6 runs Android 8.0 out of the box. It doesn’t have much bloatware, and the operating system nearly stocks Android. Motorola has kept Android’s best parts while adding a few welcome tweaks. It also supports multiple user accounts, allowing you to have more than one account.

The Moto G6’s screen is IPS LCD rather than AMOLED, but it’s still a good screen for the price. Its screen quality is one of the best smartphones in this price range. It also features dual rear cameras. The main camera is 12 MP, while the secondary camera has a 5 MP resolution. This is a slight downgrade from the 13-megapixel main camera on the Moto G5. The display is bright enough for outdoor use but isn’t as sharp as the LG V60’s.

Face Filters

Face filters are an interesting way to share your pictures with friends, and the Moto G6 is no different. You can take fun selfies with this phone, as it comes with a wide-angle camera and advanced photo software. The camera also includes a few fun features, such as selective focus and a time-lapse feature. You can also take videos with this phone; the front camera has an 8-megapixel camera with a flash. The phone also has Gorilla Glass 3 protection on its front and back.

There are two face filter apps available for the Moto G6. One is called MSQRD, and it offers mediocre effects. The other is called “Beautification mode,” which allows you to adjust camera settings manually. It also includes an augmented reality option.


The Moto G6 is an entry-level smartphone from Motorola, and while it doesn’t have all the standout features found in flagship smartphones, it still offers good value for money. Its standout features include a faster-charging speed and good camera functionality. With around $200, the Moto G6 is a solid-budget smartphone.

The Moto G6 looks modern and sleek. But it’s more affordable than its predecessor, the Moto G5 Plus, at around $249 (€210) or AU$399. The Moto G6 is about the same size as the Moto G5 Plus but features thinner bezels and a glass back that collects fingerprints.

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