M15 Signals Telegram Review


M15 Signals is a Forex signal provider that claims to have 90% win accuracy. They offer signals for currency and gold during Asia, London, and USA trading sessions.

They have multiple subscription plans ranging from 1 month to 6 months. Their premium packages include 2-8 signals per day, three take-profits, and risk management advice.

It is a scam

M15 signal is a scam that promises to help you make between 1500 and 3500 pips monthly. However, we did not see any verified results to support these claims.

The website started serving clients over a year ago, operating in Venice, Italy. It is unclear who the developers are.

Their premium packages offer 2-8 signals a day, 3 take profits per signal, and trades on Asia, London, and USA sessions. They also provide currency and gold signals.

They claim to have a 90% win rate. They use short-term trading strategies with risk management advice.

They are not licensed or regulated to offer their services. This means that they cannot provide a money-back guarantee for any investors. The lack of compliance also means traders are unprotected from fraudulent activity.

It is not licensed

M15 signals is a forex signal service that claims to offer 2-8 alerts per day. The company analyzes the markets during Asia, London, and USA sessions. They promise a 90% win accuracy.

M15 Signals offers four pricing plans: a free program, one month, three months, and six months. Each project has short-term signals; Telegram lives alerts, 3 take profits per signal, and risk management advice.

This forex signal service was created a year ago and is based in Venice, Italy. They have a website and Facebook, but the developers’ names are not given on these platforms.

They are not licensed to sell trading signals to investors. This means they are not regulated, and there is no money-back guarantee.

They have multiple negative reviews on FPA and Trustpilot. Most customers are dissatisfied with the service and claim they are not profitable. Some suspect that they are using a martingale strategy. This indicates that the company is not legitimate and should be avoided.

It is not regulated

The m15 signal telegram review is not regulated by any means. It is not registered or licensed to offer its clients any trading products or services. This is a big problem for traders as they cannot protect their investments and get their money back should anything go wrong.

The company operates out of Venice, Italy, and has a slick-looking website with unique design elements. Their premium service is available in various packages from one month to 6 months. The most expensive option will set you back a whopping $190, but there are also cheaper options, like the one-month subscription for just $60. The most affordable plan offers 2-8 signals per day via telegram with three take-profit pips. In addition, they have a large and informative chat box, as well as the best part of all; their support team is surprisingly responsive and helpful.

It is not profitable.

M15 signals are a Telegram-based Forex signal service provider with sparse strategy insight. They claim to trade currencies and gold during Asia, London, and USA trading sessions with 2-8 signals per day, 3 take profits per signal, and risk management advice.

M15 Signals sells some subscription plans, with 1-month, three-month, and six months options. They are priced at $60, $120, and $190, respectively.

They claim to provide 90 percent accuracy and can make 1500-3500 pips per month. However, they do not offer live records to verify this claim.

The website claims to have started serving clients over a year ago and operates out of Venice, Italy. They fail to disclose their names, which makes them suspect.

They claim to provide 2-8 forex and gold short-term trading signals via a Telegram channel with a 90% win rate. The website also provides a “Signals History” page that shows pips gained since December 2018.

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