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gu lou yuk

The menu at Gu Lou Yuk Kai Garden consists of traditional Chinese food. The dishes are named after the ingredients they include. Milk, oats, boiled maize, and melke are just some of the options. They are all made with the traditional methods and are highly nutritious.

Sweet and sour pork, or gu lou yuk, is one of the most popular dishes in Cantonese cuisine. Served with rice, it is a favorite among Chinese and Americans. This dish has a delicious coating of a sweet and sour sauce.

sweet & sour pork

Sweet & sour pork is a familiar dish found in nearly any Chinese restaurant. But Kai Garden’s version has a modern twist. The crispy coating is made from ice shaving, which enhances the texture. The underlying soft minced pork is also filled with an interesting combination of sweet and sour flavors. The restaurant has a reputation for turning traditional recipes into innovative dishes.

As a former chef of the Paradise Group, Chef Fung Chi Keung is the man behind this new Chinese restaurant in Marina Square. His mission is to give a contemporary spin to classic Cantonese cuisine. While many Chinese restaurants have similar menu items, Kai Garden’s menu features dishes that are unique in taste.


The Original Kai Garden is a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Singapore that specializes in Cantonese cuisine. The restaurant is owned by Group Executive Chef Fung Chi Keung, who is one of the most acclaimed Chinese chefs in Singapore. The menu features authentic Cantonese dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate.

The menu is designed to be simple but elegant, offering a variety of dishes, from dim sum to traditional Chinese food. The chefs were previously with the Paradise Group and have brought their extensive knowledge of Cantonese cuisine to this new restaurant. This fusion restaurant has two large dining rooms and four private dining rooms.

sth with wasabi

Wasabi is a Japanese spice that is often used as a condiment on sashimi and sushi. This hot and spicy condiment has a pungent taste, and is sometimes used to prevent food from spoiling. It comes from a plant related to horseradish, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Its sharp flavor can be overwhelming, but it can be balanced out by blending it with a condiment. For instance, you can make a creamy wasabi sauce with horseradish, sugar, and corn starch. You can use it as a condiment on a variety of foods, from sushi to vegetables.


The Kai Garden menu focuses on fine Cantonese cuisine. Its Group Executive Chef, Fung Chi Keung, is a renowned Chinese chef and award winner. His cuisine is the perfect balance of classic Cantonese dishes with innovative flavors. The chef’s seafood dishes are particularly impressive.

For those who aren’t in the mood for seafood, you can order a dim sum. A dim sum buffet includes a variety of dim sum dishes and other dishes from the Pacific Rim. If you’re looking for an affordable Chinese restaurant, this is a great option.


At Kai Garden, you can find a variety of pancakes. Whether you are craving a sweet or savoury treat, you’re sure to find the perfect pancake at the restaurant. Try a classic recipe or mix up your own, then serve the resulting product with fresh fruit and your favorite toppings.

The menu isn’t terribly extensive, but it does offer some good options. If you’re looking for an inexpensive Chinese restaurant in Singapore, Kai Garden is worth checking out. The a la carte menu has a large variety of dim sum, and you can order a la carte dinners. They also have several private rooms for family reunions.

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