How to Spice Up White Decor in Your Home


If you are hesitant to use white decor in your home, there are several ways to spice it up. You can use marble to add elegance to a room, which works exceptionally well in bathrooms and kitchens. You can also experiment with textures to add depth to a white room. Below, we’ll look at a few ideas.

Creating a serene mood with white

White walls and furniture can create a calming, peaceful mood, whether paired with other neutral colours or a pop of vibrant colour. A bedroom can be a retreat from the stresses of everyday life and can benefit from a serene environment. Here are some tips on how to achieve the desired effect.

Adding depth

One way to add visual depth to a white room is to use contrasting elements. Adding a polar rug, chair, or pillow is a great way to break up the monotony of a white room. It also adds warmth and contrast. Contrasting white furniture with wood accents and accessories is a great way to create a multi-layered look.

Textures also add depth. Using different textures will create a sense of distance and depth in your designs. For example, a mountain in the background will look as if it’s made from a rock if it has different textures.

Creating a pared-back palette

Creating a pared-back white-based decor scheme will give your home a clean and modern look. Neutral tones are versatile and can be used in any house room. This colour palette comes in many shades, from creamy yellow to beige, and it is an excellent option for those who like a more minimalist look. Alternatively, if you don’t like white, you can add pops of colour to your walls with bold modern art.

Adding a pop of colour to a room can add interest and depth. For example, a white sofa in a vibrant hue will add a splash of colour, whereas a soft, delicate pink will bring a serene feel. A plant pot or bobble rug can help add depth and warmth to a pared-back white scheme. You can add some rustic accents to your white-washed furniture, such as a rustic wooden sideboard.

Adding texture

Adding texture to white decor can add interest to a room without being overwhelming. The key is to find a balance between the different textures in a room. You want your room to feel welcoming and cosy but not so busy that it is overwhelming. Mixing different textures will make your room look cosy and inviting.

Plaster is a classic texture that can add interest to white surfaces. The effect is subtle but adds movement to a room. This works well with simple designs.

Adding personality

When decorating a white room, there are many ways to add personality to your home. The first way is to choose items that make you happy. This could be a soft and cosy throw in the bedroom or a funky chandelier in the dining room. Adding a few accent pieces to your space can make it more personal.

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