How to Set Up Microsoft Office on Your Android Phone


If you’ve been wondering how to set up Microsoft Office on your Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. You can use your existing Microsoft account to sign in to the app. Alternatively, you can use your school or work Office 365 account. Regardless of your preferred method of signing in, this app is easy to use.

Excel inside Microsoft office android

Once you’ve downloaded excel inside the Microsoft Office Android app, you’ll be able to access your spreadsheets on the go. The program connects to your OneDrive account and even works with Dropbox. We’ll cover Dropbox access in a later tutorial. Once you’ve joined, you’ll see a list of all the spreadsheets on your device and in OneDrive.

The user interface is simple and intuitive. You can use your fingers to navigate and edit cells in the spreadsheet. You can also use the on-screen keyboard to type in functions. For example, you can input “=” into any cell to display a list of tasks that start with that letter. In addition, you can pull a table from an image directly into Excel.

You can also use Excel’s charts, graphs, and histograms. The chart you create can be embedded in your current sheet or added as a separate object. It updates dynamically based on the content of cells. This helps you display essential design requirements visually. For example, when you change trial values, you can see how the design curves and points of intersection change.

PowerPoint inside Microsoft office Android

The Office app for Android and iOS is now available. This new app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app. This makes the app significantly smaller than the individual apps. It even supports PDF files. Besides helping PDF, this app has several other features that make it a great alternative to the original Office applications.

You can create presentations in PowerPoint Online using a device with a 10.1-inch screen, a minimum of 1 GB of RAM, an ARM-based processor, and an internet connection. You can download the app from Google Play. To use it, you’ll need a Google Play account and a Microsoft account. You’ll also need a Skype account and a mobile phone number. This will be used to connect to OneDrive and sync any changes you make to the file.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular business application in the world, and its Android version is no different. You can create presentations in any number of styles, choose from dozens of templates, and insert images and text as you wish. In addition, the app lets you save your work in the cloud and access it across your devices.

Access to documents in the cloud via a Microsoft account

OneDrive is an easy way to access documents and collaborate on them. It integrates with Office and allows you to open files on any device and work on them simultaneously. Once you’ve signed up for OneDrive, you can use any Office app to sign in to the service. You can then use your Microsoft account information to access your OneDrive documents.

The service offers unrestricted cloud storage of up to 5 GB. You can buy a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription to get a significant amount. You can store school projects, work-related projects, or personal documents in this space. You can also transfer your subscription from one Microsoft account to another.

Ability to create presentations inside Microsoft office android

The latest update to the Microsoft Office Android apps allows users to create and edit presentations. PowerPoint features rich multimedia that enables you to insert files from OneDrive and mobile devices into your presentation. In addition, you can add videos, images, and other documents to your presentation. This new application also includes callouts, significantly adding visuals to a display.

You can also save your presentations to OneDrive. This will make it easier for you to open and edit them even when you are away from your desk. Another great feature of the new app is the ability to take notes. The Notes feature lets you change the background, edit text, create quick bullet lists, and share notes. Moreover, it also lets you view your messages on your smartphone. This makes it easier to share your notes with other users.

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