How to Create a Cottage Interior Design Style


If you’re looking for an easy, breezy interior, a cottage-style home may be for you. Whether you’re renovating a quaint cottage or want to create a more inviting home, here are some tips to keep in mind. To keep the look classic and inviting, stick to the classic materials.

Authentically weathered woods

Cottage interior design features a light and airy feel and features weathered woods, vintage fixtures, and other natural elements. In addition, it emphasizes the use of light and delicate fabrics, such as woven rugs and beaded boards. Decorative pieces, like Mason jars, help to create a rustic yet charming look.

Slipcovered furniture

If you’re thinking about incorporating slipcovered furniture into your cottage interior design scheme, you may wonder what the best fabric for the job is. The best slipcover fabric is cotton, which is pre-washed to minimize shrinking. Additionally, cotton is soft to the touch and easy to clean. Acrylic is also an excellent choice for slipcovered furniture as it’s stain, fade-resistant, and very comfortable. If you’d like a more casual Californian feel, go for linen slipcovers. These are easily machine washable and are best for outdoor use.

Another popular fabric for cottage interior design is wicker, which offers a casual yet sophisticated feel. Another option is upholstered benches, which provide additional seating and are stylish. Depending on the style you’re trying to achieve, you can also use a mix of fabrics for your cottage design. Choose pieces with a casual look and coordinate patterns for an eclectic, collected look.

If you’re going for a classic cottage look, go for neutral colours and neutral patterns. A neutral tone allows the details of your furniture and accents to shine. For example, a rolled-arm sofa with floral quilts is a good choice for a classic cottage bedroom design.

Aside from being comfortable and practical, slipcovered furniture also works well outside. They’re incredibly durable and can stand up to the elements.

Open shelving

Open shelving can be a great way to display a collection of items. Once restricted to white and wood floating shelves, this look has come to encompass a variety of new materials and styles. Open shelves are handy in front of windows and provide a clean, minimalist look. Modern open shelves can be made from metal, wood, or glass and are often less expensive than traditional styles.

Open shelving in a kitchen is an attractive option for displaying daily necessities and storing wine. Extended white shelves can hold utensils, dishes, and even food. A white kitchen with open shelving can be an attractive solution for storage and display. Using a neutral colour palette will make it easy to switch out the decor when you host special occasions, such as a dinner party.

For a more sophisticated look, open shelving can be used to create a coffee bar. This can be as simple as adding shelves over the coffee pot or elaborate, as shown in the images below. While open shelving in a kitchen is typically associated with a cottage style, it can be modified to suit any aesthetic. For instance, if you want to give your room a more modern feel, you could use gold or brass finishes and geometric patterns instead of wood for the shelving.

The trend of open shelving in kitchens has been around for a few years now. This design staple is a great way to maximize your space and add a modern vibe. However, you must be careful with your open shelves’ styling.

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