How to Create a Bohemian Room Decor


When decorating a room in the Bohemian style, think about adding a vintage piece to the room. For example, a vintage tray, end table, or accent chair painted in bright colors can make the room more attractive. The bohemian look is not meant to be sterile; it thrives on imperfections.

Natural elements

Choosing natural elements in your room decor is a great way to connect with nature. They are not only beautiful, but they also promote a positive effect on your mind and body. This type of decor is especially suited for bedrooms. Natural elements in your room decor include furniture made of natural materials and accessories. You can also add boho flair by using items made of lace, knits, vintage pieces, and fringe.

Instead of using wallpaper, you can install it on an accent wall. Choose a bright and busy pattern, such as a botanical or floral print. The wallpaper should be high enough to show off the pattern. In addition to wallpaper, you can use bohemian-inspired fabrics in other home areas. For instance, a colorful ikat table skirt can go well with a framed ethnic necklace, a framed geometric print on a wall, or a framed piece of art.

Colorful textiles

If you love mixing patterns and textures, you will want to incorporate colorful textiles into your bohemian room decor. You can use them on rugs, armchairs, and even wall accessories. However, to avoid creating too much of a mess, consider white to help balance the chaos of the bohemian room decor.

You can also go old-fashioned and add a piece of furniture or art to your room. For example, an old accent chair can add character to a room, like a vintage tray. You can even paint it a fun color to make the room more attractive. The beauty of the bohemian look is that it celebrates imperfection.


When it comes to bohemian room decor, a bohemian rug can be the perfect accent for your home. Rugs that feature this style can be bright, colorful, or neutral and can be the focus of your room. The primary key to choosing the right rug is considering your overall color scheme, as bohemian designs often employ warm earthy tones. These include browns, greens, and greys. You can also incorporate patterned rugs to give the room a unique flair.

Bohemian area rugs are typically handmade and made from natural materials. These rugs are thick, durable, and environmentally friendly. They are often crafted from cotton and wool and use dye-sublimation to ensure color permanence. Because of the bright colors and unique design patterns, bohemian rugs are sometimes called boho rugs.

Wall hangings

One of the best ways to create a boho room is with wall hangings. These unique wall art pieces can be purchased or made yourself. Bohemian aesthetics emphasize mixing textures and using various materials. You can use cotton table runners, pom poms, or thread to create your wall hanging. Then, you can display it above your Moroccan rug for a unique and inexpensive way to achieve the look.

Wall hangings in the bohemian style are usually big and colorful. The material used is often beads, fabric, yarn, and feathers. You can create your own or find a piece at a thrift store.

Natural wood furniture

Consider using natural wood furniture to update your room with a bohemian look. It’s a simple way to add color and texture to the room without spending much money. Moreover, you don’t have to replace your old furniture. There are plenty of inexpensive vintage items available at garage sales.

Choose warm colors like tans or faded yellows to create a bohemian room decor. Try to incorporate more natural light and make use of large windows. You can also use accent lamps for extra brightness.

Minimalist style

A minimalist bohemian room decor scheme emphasizes a simple yet beautiful design, with an emphasis on natural elements. The walls in a bohemian room should be white, and the furniture should be minimal. To achieve this style, use linen drapery panels to let in natural light while maintaining privacy. They also add an air of ethereal glow to the space. While a minimalist setup may seem austere, play with patterns and shapes to add visual interest.

Minimalist room decor is often associated with white walls, but adding accessories to the walls of your room can make it look more spacious. For this look, you can add woven baskets, decorative pillows, and eclectic wall art. You can also use a few plants to add a bohemian flair.

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