Home Emergency Cover Reviews


Having a home emergency cover can be a hugely beneficial thing. It can help you if something goes wrong or if you need some extra cash to cover unforeseen expenses. There are a variety of policies available, and you should make sure you choose the best one for your needs.

Exclusions from home emergency cover

The home emergency cover provides cover against a range of practical home emergencies. Your insurer will send a registered tradesperson to fix any issues; in most cases, call-out fees and emergency repairs are covered. However, you should check the exclusions of your policy to ensure it provides the right level of coverage for you.

Home emergency cover is available in several forms. Some insurers will include it as part of a bundled bank account or as an add-on to a home insurance policy. However, some issues typically covered by home emergency coverage may already be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. For example, a central heating system may have a manufacturer’s warranty, and plumbing and electrical work may have been completed under guarantee.

Other standard exclusions from home emergency cover policies include those caused by poor maintenance, lack of workmanship, or wear and tear. While most policies do not have an excess, there may be a limit on how many times you can claim and how much you can claim for.


The cost of home emergency cover will vary depending on the level of cover you choose. For example, if you want to claim for a broken pipe and get a replacement water heater, you might have to pay an excess or risk losing your no-claims bonus. But if you don’t want to pay that, you can always opt for an optional extra.

Home emergency cover can provide peace of mind in the event of an emergency. It may cover the cost of calling in tradesmen to fix your appliances or pay for your replacement parts if you cannot get hold of them yourself. Moreover, it can cover other expenses such as pest control or security. Some insurers even offer home emergency cover as standard.

Typically, home emergency cover costs between PS47 and PS250 a year. Most plans cover significant categories such as plumbing, electrics, pest control, and home security. They also include reimbursement for alternative accommodation and travel expenses. However, they usually exclude annual boiler service.


Home emergency cover is designed to cover urgent repairs and other situations that can cause damage to your property. However, this type of insurance does not include general wear and tear. Some policies will cover pest infestations, while others will not. For example, you may not be covered for woodworm infestations. It’s wise to compare home emergency cover policies and check if they include these situations. Some policies may even provide alternative accommodation for you and your family.

One-call emergency cover is usually included in a One Call Insurance policy, but you should check the documentation to see if you’re covered. Alternatively, you can upgrade your policy to include more comprehensive protection and peace of mind. Some providers even offer multiple upgrades for additional peace of mind.

If you have a central heating system or boiler, a home emergency cover will help keep your home operating when the system fails. It can also cover plumbing and electrical problems. It can also help you protect your property from vermin infestations. Some policies even include boiler servicing, although this is usually subject to an excess. Be aware that home emergency cover can also include limits on when the emergency service will be called out and the materials they’ll use.

Defaqto rating

A Defaqto rating gives consumers a clear indication of the quality of an insurance policy. The independent organisation rates financial products on a scale of one to five based on their features and benefits. Its analysts continually assess and research the financial market to ensure that their ratings are accurate and up to date.

The Defaqto rating is based on several criteria, including the product’s features, benefits and terms. These factors are taken into account to assign the stars to different products. A five-star product will have more features than a four-star one.

The Defaqto rating of home emergency insurance products is based on independent research into the home emergency insurance market. The organisation surveyed 306 home emergency cover providers and held round table discussions with industry representatives to determine the most suitable plans for customers. Of these, 27 products received a 5-Star rating. HomeServe has seven of these products, including HomeServe Cover 8. The HomeServe Cover 8 policy allows customers to make unlimited claims for boiler and central heating breakdowns. It also allows for claims of up to PS4,000 in case of plumbing issues.

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