Guru99 Selenium – Earn PS46,750 Per Year As a Selenium Automation Tester


The Guru99 Selenium tutorial teaches you how to use the Selenium API. The API is similar in name across different languages. The tutorial is written in Java, but it will also work with Python. You can also use XPath to find elements of web pages. You can practice by using developer tools and the Test Automation Pyramid.

Salary of selenium testers in the UK

A Selenium Automation Tester can earn an average of PS46,750 per year. These salaries are based on various factors, including the person’s location, previous experience, and skill set. However, certain factors make a job as a Selenium Automation Tester more attractive than others. This article will discuss some of these factors.

Essential skills in addition to selenium

In addition to Selenium, there are other skills you will need as a software tester. These include having a thorough knowledge of framework design, programming skills, and web drivers. Whether you’re a junior or experienced tester, you’ll need a strong understanding of these skills to succeed.

You should also have experience using continuous integration tools. For instance, you should know the Jenkins dashboard. You should also have some knowledge of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Lastly, you should have experience with a source code management tool. And, of course, you should know how to run Selenium tests from Jenkins.

Features of selenium

Guru99 Selenium is a web testing framework that has several features and benefits. One of these features is a built-in debugger. This tool can help you debug and troubleshoot tests and even generate HTML reports. Another feature of Selenium is a JUnits annotation, which you can use to read test data from external files. This data is loaded into Selenium Test Script variables and is used as input and verification values.

The tool also features a handy IDE, which makes it easy to create and modify Selenium scripts. The IDE allows you to sort logs by type. For example, you can filter out logs containing error messages. In addition, the Reference Pane provides a concise description of the Selenese command currently selected. It also provides the locator and value for each element. For advanced users, you can also use UI-Element, which uses JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to define element mappings. This feature is available under the Help menu.

Another benefit of Selenium is its portability, which works with different operating systems and browsers. Another feature that helps you automate web testing is its ability to run parallel tests. This feature allows you to reduce test execution time by running multiple tests at once. Another advantage of Selenium is its ability to interact directly with browsers, which makes it easier to create data-driven tests.

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