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If you are looking for a new Detroit restaurant that will satisfy your taste buds and your budget, consider trying out the Grey Ghost’s menu. The restaurant’s menu in Detroit, Michigan, is arranged by meat and offers a variety of small and more significant plates. There are also a variety of cocktails on tap and a long list of other options. This establishment is also close to the Detroit Institute of Arts.


When you’re craving comfort food from the past, a plate of pierogi may just be what you’re looking for. Detroit’s Grey Ghost, a Polish-themed restaurant, offers a wide selection of pierogi to satisfy your craving. These savoury dumplings are filled with cream cheese and potatoes and wrapped in a dough made from sour cream. The dish is finished with a garlic-chilli paste. You can even order a vegetarian version with bacon mushrooms and sour cream.

Jennie’s Pierogi Shop opened in Detroit’s Warrendale neighbourhood in 1986. The family-run restaurant offers 20 traditional pierogi flavours, ranging from savoury potato to sweet fruit fillings. Besides pierogis, you can order pizza, tacos, mac and cheese, and even chicken bacon ranch pierogi.

Another pierogi restaurant that opened downtown is Pietrzyk, which opened in Eastern Market in Gratiot Central Station in 2019. It is known for its innovative fillings. For instance, the “Becky” pierogi is filled with jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and eggs. The restaurant also sells pierogis in taco shells, complete with kielbasa.


The menu at Grey Ghost is a pleasant read and nicely edited. The highlights include a charcuterie board, smoked whitefish on a bagel, and fresh oysters in Chicago style. The Chicago hot dog on oysters is a tribute to the city where the owners met. It’s also a dish most people would like to try. Other small touches give the restaurant a unique flair.

The atmosphere is a mix of romantic and masculine. The polished wood interior and dim lighting make for a masculine ambience. The oysters are served Chicago-style and come with the usual toppings with Chicago hot dogs. While the mignonette is standard, the chef and co-owner John Vermiglio add whimsy to the menu.

The restaurant opened in July 2016 and has already developed a strong local following. The trio has also started consulting with Axle Brewing Co. for its new Livernois Tap, but they are still basking in the glory of their perfect timing in entering the Detroit dining scene. In this podcast, we talk to John, Joe, and Will about the unexpected hits on the menu, the uncomfortable metal stools, and why chefs from Chicago are flocking to the Motor City.

Oysters Chicago style

Located in the city’s Brush Park neighbourhood, the casual yet elegant Grey Ghost is a neighbourhood hangout that’s gained some devoted followers. The restaurant’s menu, which has undergone some edits, includes a charcuterie board, smoked whitefish on a bagel, and fresh oysters Chicago style. It also boasts an interesting twist: a Chicago hot dog on oysters, a tribute to the city where the owners met. Though the novelty factor may be somewhat off-putting for most people, the dish is still an exciting addition to the menu.

The Grey Ghost has 83 tables, and the menu includes traditional and innovative dishes. The restaurant also features a full bar, which offers a variety of craft cocktails. One of the most interesting cocktail choices is On Your Marks, a mix of rum and Scotch. You can also try Zigmund’s, which comes from the famous Almond restaurant in New York City.

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank, coconut curry bone broth, rice cakes, and more are among the items on the Grey Ghost menu. The menu is thoughtfully edited and a pleasure to eat. It includes a charcuterie board and Chicago hot dog on oysters – a tribute to the city where the owners met. Although this is an odd combination, most people are happy to try it. While the menu is unprepossessing, the restaurant has some unique touches that are worth trying.

Lamb Shank is served in several styles. The restaurant is open for dinner every day except for Easter Sunday, so you’ll want to make a reservation if you’re planning to eat at the restaurant. The Lamb Shank is a popular choice on the menu, and it’s served in a thick cut, which makes it ideal for large groups. There’s also a vegan option for those who don’t like meat. The menu also includes a vegetarian-friendly option, the vegetable Wellington. Both brunch and dinner include a selection of desserts, such as black forest cake and chocolate ganache.

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