Funky Harry Potter Home Decor


There’s a lot of funky Harry Potter home decor available. Some of the most popular options are listed below. Check back often as more funky items are added. Here are a few ideas to start with: An embroidered pillow with the patroness doe and the word “Always” on it, or a Hogwarts blanket.

Embroidered pillow with a doe patroness and the word “Always.”

Pottery Barn is known for its Harry Potter home decor and has come out with a range of pillows and rugs featuring the world of Harry Potter. One of these pillows is embroidered with the word “Always” in golden thread on blue velvet. This pillow is an excellent addition to a Harry Potter-themed room and can be purchased alone or with other Harry Potter merchandise.

Marauder’s Map Throw Tapestry

A stunning woven tapestry throw blanket is a great way to bring your Harry Potter home decor to life. This tapestry from The Northwest Company captures the map’s details and comes with fun fringe trim. You’ll love the softness of this throw blanket.

This throw could go in any room of the home. For example, it could serve as a soft throw blanket or thin rug on the floor. Or, you could use it as a bed covering. Either way, you’ll have a great way to decorate your bedroom with Harry Potter home decor.

Hogwarts blanket

A Hogwarts blanket is a great way to show off your love of books and movies. This throw blanket is adorned with the crest of the famous Hogwarts school and is ideal for Harry Potter fans. It can also be used as a wall hanging.

You can decorate your home with Harry Potter decor to make it even more magical. If you’re not a fan of books and movies, you can also purchase miniature sculptures, paintings, or other items inspired by the books. You can also incorporate greenery into your rooms by placing potted plants. In addition, use mirrors to add natural light and create the illusion of more space.

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