Forex Tester 5 Review


Before you choose a forex tester, make sure to do your research. This review will take a look at the price and ease of use. It will also talk about the super package, which offers higher quality and more time frames and tick data. However, you will need to pay for the license and data subscription. It is best to invest in a lifetime package if you are a professional trader. An annual subscription package will almost halve the price of the data for the whole year.

Trading simulator

This forex simulator tool allows traders to replay historical data and combine manual strategies. It also features 61 varieties of indicators and five sub-elements. These include trend indicators, oscillators, volume, volatility, and adaptive indicators. These indicators can be used to analyze trends and trade accordingly. You can even create custom indicators.

Forex tester 5 is an excellent tool to practice trading. It allows you to test different strategies in various currencies and the AI-based strategy optimizer can refine your plan faster. You can also back up your strategy and tweak it as you go. In addition, it offers 16 different currencies, which is great for back-up strategies.

Another feature of Forex Tester is its user-friendly interface. It is easy to use, even for complete beginners. The software resembles the MT4 trading terminal. It is easy to learn and use, which makes it a great tool for gaining experience and perfecting your trading strategies.

Strategy backtesting software

A Forex tester is a backtesting software that allows you to create and test forex trading strategies. The software uses historical price data to simulate the market. The program can be set up to backtest multiple currencies with various time frames. It also lets you practice trading by replaying the market at different speeds. However, there are some limitations to the software.

The software is very easy to use. Once you download it, you can choose which settings you want to use, such as speed, time frame, and tick package size. The software will also ask you to enter a project name and the currencies that will be tested. In addition, you can also choose whether you want to include time settings and automated calculations. After deciding on your settings, you can start the test.

Easy to use

If you’re an aspiring forex trader, you may want to consider the Easy to use Forex Tester 5. It’s a specialized simulation software that will help you improve your trading skills. You can use it for free until you decide you need to pay for the full package. It also offers a discount for Trading Setups Review readers.

Unlike its predecessor, Forex Tester 5 includes a graphical interface that allows you to customize your trading strategy. These strategies can then be deployed to MT4 and actual trading. It’s available for free for now, which makes it an excellent option for beginners. It’s difficult to automate backtests of complex strategies if you don’t have programming skills, so an easy to use simulator is essential for beginners.


If you are looking for the best forex simulator, then you should consider purchasing Forex Tester 5. Forex Tester 5 is the most recent version and it comes with multiple advanced features. This software will give you a competitive edge in trading. Its features include risk calculation, daylight saving time, fundamental news, one-click trading, and AI-based strategy optimizer. It also has over 800 new symbols. It is also available in monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscription plans.

This software has a wide array of options and features, which will enable you to perform backtests and practice trading on multiple accounts. The program offers a well-organized Data Center for storing data and backtests. It also allows you to define your own trading parameters, such as lot size and leverage. This ensures consistency between your backtesting and live experience. It is critical to have reliable price data for practical backtesting. The price data provided by Forex Tester is excellent, and you can also export the data into Excel for further analysis.

Data quality

Forex tester 5 is a software that allows you to create and manage multiple projects. It also offers a convenient way to manage your backtests and practice sessions. It stores and calculates useful summary statistics. You can also double-click trade records to access them in charts. The software also offers an export function so that you can analyze data in Excel.

Forex tester 5 is a great program for practicing trading. You can use it to learn more about trading and improve your technique. The software is very easy to use and provides accurate data. You can create a strategy, test it, and then take it live to see how it performs. It is important to have a data subscription to be able to see how your trading strategy is performing.

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