Fino Deli – A Romantic Delicatessen and Wine Bar


Whether you’re planning to have a romantic evening or a fun lunch with friends, you’ll enjoy the variety of choices and good service at Fino Deli. From salads to sandwiches, the menu is designed to make every meal a unique experience. It also has a large wine selection.


Fino Deli is known for its excellent service and wide selection of high-quality dishes. The restaurant also serves fine wines that complement the food. You can enjoy a romantic dinner date here with your loved one or have a great lunch with friends. Prices on the Fino Deli menu are reasonable and the portions are generous.

The Fino Deli menu changes from time to time. For the most up-to-date prices, please contact the restaurant directly.

Menu items

The Fino deli menu includes Italian and Spanish food and is sure to satisfy your palate. The classic Italian-Spanish deli offers a variety of sandwiches. Try the Acquisto, mortadella, and salami on a French bread sandwich. The New York Club also features its own Italian salad dressing. The restaurant offers a variety of seating options, including al fresco seating.

The deli was opened by Joann Johnson in 1990, initially as an Italian grocery store and deli. Today, the concept has expanded into a full-service deli with an enlarged wine collection. You can even try wines in their glass cellar located in the dining room.


Fino Deli is an Italian-Spanish delicatessen and wine bar. It is an intimate restaurant that offers a comfortable, fine dining experience. The interiors of the restaurant are designed with a rustic charm. The tables are made from old house hardwood floors and the restaurant also has a private function room that is perfect for hosting parties and other private events. Fino Deli is a must-visit destination for foodies in the metro, but you don’t have to be in the area to experience it.

Fino Deli is famous for its signature wine milkshakes. Each one has a subtle wine taste that compliments the other ingredients in the drink. Some of the signature drinks include the Strawberry Merlot milkshake, made with merlot wine, vanilla ice cream, and fresh strawberries. Another popular drink is the Banana Riesling milkshake, made with riesling wine and bananas. Other classic drinks include Sangria, a traditional Spanish drink. Fino Deli serves its own version of traditional Sangria, made with chopped fresh fruit and a variety of wines.


Fino Deli opened in November 2015 and is a great place to enjoy an Italian meal with its delicious food and wine. Their staff is friendly and the food is reasonably priced. They also have a swanky ambiance and fine decor. The company has received a 4.7 Google rating, which is a good indication of the quality of its service.

Fino Deli is located in the suburbs of Marikina, about 15 to 20 minutes away from Katipunan Avenue. It has been there for only three years, but the restaurant is already a neighborhood favorite. Most business owners would balk at a setting in the suburbs, but Fino has managed to make it work. The restaurant also has a functioning function room, which makes it a great place for private parties and events.

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