Fencoco Clothing Reviews – Is Fencoco Clothing Reviews a Fraud?


Fencoco is a scam website, and we firmly recommend not using it for shopping. It is not a simple site, and we have found many red flags on their website, clearly showing that they are not.

The content and images on their website are copied from other sites, which is very common for these scams.

Quality of the Products

The products offered by Fencoco Clothing Reviews are of inferior quality and cannot be compared with those from genuine online stores. Many of the products on Fencoco are copied from other sites, and you can check this by searching their content and images using any plagiarism tool available on the internet. This is a common practice for scam websites posing as legitimate sites. So, we do not recommend this site for shopping; you should keep a distance from it. Moreover, you should also be aware that Fencoco is operated by BEIMAC COMPANY LIMITED, which has numerous customer complaints about its products and services.

Customer Service

Fencoco is trying to look like a simple site but has many red flags. Its content is copied from other places, and they are offering huge discounts that a legit company never provides. Moreover, the product quality is low, and they don’t even offer customer support to their customers. Lastly, they have an unrealistic return policy, and getting back the money from them is tough. So, we don’t recommend buying anything from this site! Similarly, their address is also misleading. It is a screenshot of their parent company’s name and address, which most scam sites do to fool people.

Return Policy

An excellent return policy can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. However, a poorly implemented one can damage your brand and create customer dissatisfaction that could ultimately cost you sales.

Creating and sharing a clear return policy on your website is a great way to help set expectations before customers purchase from you. Additionally, making it easy for customers to start a return with just a click of a button can help prevent frustration and ensure they’re happy with their order.

Using apps like Return Magic can make processing returns and exchanges more self-serve for customers by offering a portal where they can request a return shipping label, choose products to be returned, or receive a refund on the original purchase. Return Magic discounts carrier outbound and return shipping fees for merchants using Shopify Shipping.

Shipping Time

Fencoco is a reputable online store that sells quality girls’ dresses. The website offers a range of free shipping options and various sizes. Delivery times are usually 2-5 business days. The site also provides various customer service tools, including a live chat feature.

The company has an excellent return policy, which is a rarity in the online shopping world. This policy benefits customers with international orders, as Fencoco can provide a faster reshipment process. A refund may take longer than expected for some orders, so it’s essential to assess your order before you pay for it thoroughly.

Despite being named the best clothing website in Canada, Fencoco has its drawbacks. The site has numerous scams, some of which are bigger than others. Its customer support is not as fast as expected, and some of its products are low-quality.

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