EY Careers – What Makes EY Careers So Great?


Whether you are a college graduate, an adult looking to get a fresh start, or a working professional, many career opportunities are available at EY. With a diverse range of careers, from accounting to finance to management consulting, there is something for everyone.

Accounting and finance apprenticeships

Whether you’re looking to get a career in finance or are already employed and want to develop your skills, some fantastic accounting and finance apprenticeships at EY are well worth considering. You’ll gain practical experience and the necessary knowledge to be a competent accountant.

Firstly, you’ll need to consider what you are interested in. There are various sectors, and the company’s global presence means you can find work in various industries.

In addition, if you have any relevant work experience, it will help your application. Then, depending on the scheme, you’ll be able to start earning PS25,000 when you complete the apprenticeship.

As well as the opportunity to study and work, you’ll be supported by a dedicated coach and mentor. In addition, you’ll have the option to apply to look for an MSc in Professional Accountancy or a BSc in Applied Accounting.

Coaching and mentorship at every step

Having a mentor is more than a gimmick. It can improve your leadership skills and increase your professional presence. In addition, it can help you achieve your goals.

Regarding mentorship, there are two types: one that focuses on the more technical aspects of leadership and another on the more emotional parts. However, the best mentoring schemes involve a combination of the two.

A mentor is a valuable resource, whether it’s to help you develop a career plan or to help you achieve your personal goals. In addition, they can provide you with practical advice, coaching tips, and techniques.

The best mentors also inspire you to pursue your dreams. They provide you with a safe space to talk and learn. Finally, the best mentors are the ones who offer you constructive criticism but aren’t afraid to give you a good kick in the pants.

Mental health support

Employers have been looking for ways to address employee mental health during global political unrest and social unrest. Companies have responded by providing resources and training to help workers cope with their emotions. They’ve also introduced work-life boundaries and encouraged mindfulness practices. However, many employees are feeling burned out.

In the last few years, many people have experienced stress, exhaustion, and depression. So it’s essential to have an open dialogue about mental health. The best companies have created a culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their issues and receiving professional help.

One company that has impacted the mental health of its employees is American Express. A clinical psychologist runs its award-winning mental health program. The program offers free onsite counseling sessions, access to licensed counselors, and training to recognize and respond to emotional distress.


Whether you’re an EY veteran or new to the big four, chances are you’ve heard of EY or its parent company, Arthur Young, which was acquired by Ernst & Young in 1999. But what makes EY a great place to work?

The answer is not just a matter of size and scale but also culture. For instance, the company’s latest effort, NextWave Technology, is a slick initiative to drive technological advancement. And the company’s employee-centric benefits are plentiful, with a 16-week paid parental leave program, a free Employee Assistance Program, and access to certified counselors. There are numerous social impact programs, from skill-based volunteering to a student loan resource center.

As for the EY name, it’s no secret that Millennials make up about two-thirds of the firm’s hefty 284,000 employees worldwide. Moreover, those millennials reportedly want to be leaders shortly. So, what better way to develop that talent than by offering them the best of both worlds, a career, and a home?

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