Country Cottage Decor


If you’re looking to add country cottage decor to your home, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find great tips on creating a cosy, farmhouse-style set with a white-and-natural colour scheme. Remember that white is not the only colour you can use; you can mix it up with patterns and natural materials.

Farmhouse country cottage decor

Farmhouse country cottage decor features a neutral background with pops of colour. Sleek storage elements offset the rustic look. A typical style in country cottages is floral arrangements. White flowers and woven baskets add texture and colour to your kitchen. Herb gardens and indoor flowers also look good in this style.

A farmhouse style is very comfortable, and it often uses coastal colours. It has a calming vibe and is easy to maintain. Unlike a modern, hipster or glam style, this style incorporates natural wood and soothing neutral colours. The calming colour palette of country cottage decor is also reflected in accessories, such as pillows and decorative storage bins.

One of the most popular decorating trends in 2015 was the farmhouse style. This style was popularized by shows like Fixer Upper and featured vintage finds and clever DIYs. The farmhouse look has become synonymous with Joanna Gaines and Magnolia. In recent years, the farmhouse style has evolved into a new watch called Modern Cottage. This style incorporates elements of industrial and country design.

All-white colour scheme

An all-white colour scheme is the easiest way to achieve a light and breezy look when decorating your country cottage. It also sets the stage for unique accent colours. One of the best ways to establish an all-white colour scheme is to use all-white furniture in your room. Choose defining pieces like a white wood cabinet in the dining room or a rustic white coffee table in the living room. You can also use white shelves and shelving units in your bathroom and a white floral-patterned dresser in the bedroom.

Another way to achieve this style is to use simple, thin window coverings. If you plan to use curtains, you should use muted colours to create the illusion of lighter fabric. Also, if you use patterned window treatments, use patterns that represent traditional country styles, such as gingham, plaid, or hearts and stars. Using floral designs will also make your country cottage decor feel more authentic and give the room a natural aesthetic.

Natural materials

Combining old and new pieces, natural materials, and soothing colours can create a cottage-style aesthetic. While the style has many traditional elements, it can be updated by mixing and matching items and using fresh flowers and accents. A recent trend involves a more refined and elegant aesthetic. Natural materials are also gaining popularity, and warmer colours are returning.

Wooden walls and ceilings are great options for adding a country cottage feel. Leaving rafters and structural beams exposed is a great way to keep the look simple, but you can also paint these features to highlight the wood grain. Natural wood furnishings are also a great way to accent the style.


To achieve the look of a country cottage, look for warm and cosy patterns, such as flowers and gingham. Also, choose softer fabrics, like cotton, linen, or flannel. In a country home, furnishings are often crafted from natural materials such as wood and wicker.

A classic example of country cottage decor is the work of William Morris, a socialist and artist who helped start the Arts and Crafts Movement. Morris created hundreds of designs celebrating nature. Today, many of these prints are available in their original colourways. You can incorporate these beautiful prints in your bedroom to bring the beauty of nature indoors.

Try to use pastel shades and neutral tones when choosing the colours for your country cottage decor. These hues will not overwhelm the space and give the room a lived-in feel.


If you’re decorating your home in the country cottage style, you’ll want to get some country cottage decor dishware. These pieces are designed with earth tones and are perfect for everyday use and special occasions. The stakes are also microwave-safe. You’ll also want to find some country cottage bakeware if you have a traditional kitchen. There are several styles to choose from – all of which are great for decorating your kitchen.

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