Bubble Spinner

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Bubble Spinner is an engaging and challenging game, perfect for quick breaks at work or after school to improve aim and concentration while having fun! An exceptionally fantastic fact about LOLBeans.

Shooting bubbles of the appropriate colors is essential for winning this game. To achieve maximum effectiveness, focus on large groups with similar hues. Use walls as targets by bouncing shots off them.


Bubble Spinner is an engaging puzzle game with similar mechanics to other popular bubble shooter titles, featuring easy controls and challenging yet fast, fun gameplay. Simply move your mouse cursor around the screen to predict where a shot might land before clicking its main button to shoot – its bubbles will bounce off walls in your way to help reach difficult areas!

The walls in this game are carefully designed to help players aim more accurately, making it easier to hit different colored bubbles while accessing hard-to-reach areas. Furthermore, its unique bouncing feature lets players clear entire rows of bubbles without losing lives!

Popped bubbles become more valuable with each level a player reaches. When one separates from any other bubble and falls towards the bottom bar, it will pop more frequently and gain points faster, helping players earn more points and progress more rapidly through each level.


Bubble Spinner is a new take on the beloved classic bubble shooter game everyone knows and enjoys. Players must shoot bubbles at an array of preexisting bubbles and try to match three or more together into groups of three or more, making their disappearance effortless for maximum scores and progression through levels. Aim using your computer mouse or iPhone/Android touchscreen, or aim with your fingers!

Aiming is straightforward and intuitive. Move the mouse cursor to predict where a bubble will travel when released; once satisfied with their aim, they simply click to shoot!

This game allows players to lob their shots off walls for added maneuverability when trying to hit difficult or blockade bubbles and for earning extra points by matching colors.


Bubble Spinner is an enjoyable and addicting mobile game with bright graphics suitable for young children to play on any device. Players control the bubbles by moving their cursor across the screen to aim and click to shoot before seeing them disappear from the board. There are various colors to choose from, and players must form groups of three or more similar bubbles to gain points and earn prizes!

The game’s graphics consist of a rotating game board connected to a wheel in the center that shifts with every shot, adding another layer of difficulty and skill testing for players. Players should attempt to avoid grouping more than two bubbles as these won’t count towards scoring and can cause their score to become null. Once filled with bubbles, however, gameplay ends, but restarts may provide additional points for a more excellent score!


Bubble Spinner is an engaging yet relaxing game designed to ease players’ anxiety while offering them a fun challenge. The serene music and graphics help players focus on their tasks while enjoying this addictive but relaxing game from their computer or phone; distractions from work or school may be eliminated by simply turning down its volume!

Attaining high scores in online bubble shooting requires hard work and the appropriate strategy. Focusing on larger groups of bubbles rather than randomly shooting will allow the balls to move toward the ground more quickly.

The game also rewards players who manage to complete combos. This involves popping multiple bubbles of one color at once; the more similar-colored bubbles you manage to pop simultaneously, the higher your score will be. Furthermore, taking advantage of Bombs, Wild Bubbles, and Fireballs at critical moments in gameplay may prove fruitful in increasing scores even further.

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