Best Software Development Companies in Atlanta


Atlanta is an emerging technology hub that has taken full advantage of IoT, blockchain, and AI technologies to support its diverse economy. Furthermore, it boasts some of the top software development companies globally offering custom software and application solutions in multiple domains.

These software development companies specialize in turning raw ideas into fully functioning business applications. Their holistic approach to delivering solutions aligns perfectly with client requirements.


ScienceSoft specializes in custom software development and IT consulting services for over 40 countries globally with an active team of over 700 people.

They specialize in the cloud, UI/UX design, data management, machine learning, and AI technology as well as providing IT support services such as help desk support and cybersecurity consulting.

The company provides IT services for banking and finance firms, healthcare facilities, travel providers, retail businesses, and e-commerce platforms. Their solutions enable clients to increase both productivity and simplicity in business processes.

Their team provides virtual support, sales process review, data migration/integration services, and data migration/migration services for businesses to create new products and improve sales.

They utilize an IT Service Management (ITSM) system that enables them to offer prompt and effective IT support for software regardless of its complexity, helping clients reduce help desk costs by 40% while improving user satisfaction. They have been certified with both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for quality.


Configure is a top-tier Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner and has been offering strategic consulting, innovative solutions, and expert support services since 2004. Headquartered at Atlanta’s Salesforce Tower in Georgia, Configero specializes in implementation and integration services to maximize clients’ use of Salesforce to its fullest extent.

They offer several proprietary products and services designed to streamline your business processes and increase ROI, including their leading CRM expertise of integrating Salesforce with other technologies, providing excellent customer experience on their platform, and developing cutting-edge features.

Their team is familiar with both the platform and industry trends and is dedicated to success for both clients and themselves. Their services range from Enterprise version, Visualforce, Chatter, Conga, and Milestones PM applications; with experienced project managers providing insight, advice, and recommendations throughout your project’s lifespan.

Band of Coders

Band of Coders is a comprehensive software design and development firm offering services ranging from consultation, agile road mapping, full-stack engineering, and product launch.

Our software development team boasts extensive industry expertise and can deliver high-quality applications on time and within budget. One recent project of theirs for Cox Automotive used modern software techniques to assist their dealers in purchasing vehicles from reliable sellers.

Award for Small Business Software Development was also bestowed upon them, along with our Customer Support & Best Practice award. They’re best known for providing software products and customer support, but also excelling in customer support and adhering to best practices. Their most popular product is an easily customizable CRM that caters specifically to each of their clientele; other notable offerings include mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, custom software portals, and web-based POS systems – not forgetting offices located throughout metro Atlanta as well as national and international clients!

KMS Technology

KMS Technology was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Offering software development, testing, and consulting services to businesses of all kinds – KMS provides solutions that speed product to market without compromising quality.

KMS’s product engineering and consulting teams specialize in microservices, DevOps, continuous delivery, API testing, and customer experience testing across numerous platforms – microservices, DevOps, continuous delivery as well as continuous integration services like continuous deployment – along with cloud migrations and application maintenance support services.

KMS builds and launches successful software companies through its incubators, such as Katalon, Kobiton, GroveHR, and Visily.

Vu Lam and Josh Lieberman founded KMS in 2009. Although KMS has financial partners, 100% ownership remains with Vu and Josh and their team.

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