Best Family Lawyers in Dallas


Family law encompasses a range of issues that may arise. From divorce to child support and adoption, an experienced Dallas family lawyer can guide you through the legal process.

When consulting a family attorney, taking your time and asking questions is essential. Doing so allows the attorney to gain insight into your situation and decide how they can best assist you.

Child Custody and Visitation

Family lawyers in Dallas strive to craft custody and visitation agreements tailored to your family’s needs. These arrangements may be more flexible than a judge might expect, saving time and money in the long run.

For instance, a typical visitation schedule might involve weekend overnight stays, significant Christmas holidays, and extended summer break visits. Furthermore, it could include supervised visits with grandparents, stepparents, or foster parents.

Texas law recognizes that children benefit from having both parents in their lives. It presumptively grants both parents custody and visitation rights; however, either parent may challenge the other’s control or visitation if it doesn’t meet the child’s needs.


Divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences in a person’s life. To make things easier, hiring an experienced divorce attorney who will guide you through each step is best.

The initial step in divorce proceedings is filing the Complaint for Divorce with the appropriate court. This document outlines all grounds and requests from both parties involved.

Couples sometimes opt for out-of-court mediation to settle their divorce dispute. A neutral third party assists them in reaching an agreement on all terms of the case, making this option much more cost-effective and time-efficient than going to trial.

However, a trial may be necessary if the spouses cannot agree. At such a delicate juncture for both parties, having an experienced and aggressive Dallas divorce attorney on your side is essential for protecting your rights and interests during this trying time.

Child Support

Child support orders can be issued when a family goes through a divorce. This payment helps the parent financially support the child meet their basic needs like food, shelter, and medical care.

Parents may feel overwhelmed during this uncertain period. They may not understand their legal rights or responsibilities.

Dallas’ top family lawyers assist clients in understanding their legal responsibilities and making the best decisions for their children. In certain circumstances, these attorneys may even help you request a modification in child support payments – something many attorneys cannot provide.

In most states, child support orders are calculated by multiplying a parent’s net monthly income by an amount determined by law (usually 20% for one child, 25% for two children, and 30% or more). This number may be adjusted up or down according to your circumstances.


If you have a close family member or friend who cannot manage their finances, you may wish to consider filing for conservatorship. This process can be accomplished by filing a petition in court.

Conservatorships are a legal process in which a judge appoints someone to care for an incapacitated adult or minor (the “conservatee”), regardless of age or mental capacity. A person needing conservatorship may also require guardianship status for health care needs.

Typically, those seeking appointments must demonstrate they are legally unable to make their own decisions or suffer from some form of mental incapacity. A court-appointed examiner and lawyer will assess the situation.

Family lawyers in Dallas can assist you in deciding if a conservatorship is the best course of action for you. They’ll collaborate with you to craft an effective plan that safeguards yourself and your loved ones while providing insight into what to expect during the procedure.


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