Anxiety Plan – A Simple Test out to Know Your Personality Style and What You Should Be Aware of

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This information attempts to put together the different personality types briefly and the predicted behavior each may show under stressful cases.

Before we go deeper, I want you to choose, from the statements below, which ones considerably more reliably describe you. There isn’t any right or wrong answer, so identify which statement an individual relates to most. So it is both A) or B) from your two statements below.

Assertion one, are you:

A) A great outgoing person is stressed, always on the move, likes to head to parties, likes being the center of attention, is also optimistic and energetic, and has quite a few friends.


B) Any reserved person that operates with a slower pace tends to be a bit more cautious and possibly reasonable, with lots of patience, the strength to get a job done, curiosity about what is underneath the surface, and a few close friends.

Statement a couple of, are you:

A) A person that loves getting things done will take great pleasure in making a career well, likes getting caught in the detail, and successfully carries out all tasks.

Or perhaps

B) A person that likes to connect to other people is concerned with the approach people feel like to be in groupings where there is a lot of empathy, visibility, and talking where you wish to be liked by other people.

Ok. I suppose that you have chosen. Make a note of the two statements that you agree with generally. So you will have noted one of much following AA, AB, BA, or BB. Now, look into the paragraphs that pertain to you personally below. Also, identify three other personality types with their strengths and weaknesses. You will be dealing with these on a day-to-day basis. Seeing the personality types of the people an individual associates with can help you understand these better and relate to them more meaningfully, lowering your stress level.

The particular AA type strengths and weaknesses

As a possible AA type, you are typically an outgoing and task-orientated person. These people are generally the Boss as they are keen on getting the job done as opposed to the feelings of others. This term used for these people is they are Choleric. They are the only types that let you know what these people think. They are very good at decision-making and getting projects commenced.

However, particularly under strain, you easily get angered, have a short fuse and a new hot temper, and can be vicious, sarcastic, and inconsiderate. These are the traits to look available for and learn to control. Malfunctioning will bring more strain upon you as you continue to make enemies of the different personality types.

The BELLY type strengths and weaknesses

You are generally outgoing and get in with people as a BELLY type. These people are inspirational, all-powerful, inducing, impressive, interesting, and impressionable. Many salespeople belong to this category as they can produce everything that sounds great and love to talk. Calmness is not a part of their makeup; they feel good when things are transpiring. The old term used for these persons is that they are Sanguine.

Nevertheless, particularly under stress, you could end up illogical, do things your career does not do, be undisciplined, impulsive, too carefree, disjointed, lose direction, talk a lot, and be too inconsistent. These are the traits to look out there for and learn to control. Disappointment to do so will make your life a lot more confused and hectic and also lead to more stress.

The particular BA type strengths and weaknesses

As a BA type, you are typically a reserved person that will be interested in getting the task completed. These people are competent, cautious, careful, calculating, critical thinkers, compliant, conscientious, correct, and conformist, and like to have a handle. Many accountants and related occupations are this kinds as they need to pay great awareness of the detail. The old saying used for these people is that they are usually Melancholic.

However, particularly under stress, you can be self-centered, moody, react too much to the environment rather than respond, behave negatively too quickly, critical, give attention to the things that are wrong as opposed to what is right, too firm, fear being wrong, vindictive and can be unsociable. These are the particular traits to look out for and learn to control. Failure to accomplish this will make others want to stay away from you when you require their help. This will simply lead to increased stress ranges.

The BB type pros and cons

As a BB type, you are generally a reserved individual interested in getting along with others. These people are steady, steady, reliable, desire security, support, submissive, shy and emotional. These people like to be in functions where they can be supportive, frequently doctors and nurses. Generally, people like being about these types as they are not manipulative or bossy. The old saying used for these people is that they tend to be Phlegmatic.

However, particularly under stress, you can be fearful, indecisive, freeze up, fade into the background, shy, worry, humiliated, can’t say absolutely no, lack motivation, frustrated, and selfish. These are the characteristics to look out for and find out to control. Failure to do so can make you look lazy and not want to do anything contributing to any stress levels you might be experiencing.

This article has already been a short introduction to personality kinds and the different traits they will portray under stressful circumstances. Remember that we are all a distinctive blend of all personality kinds. The more you sway in the direction of a personality type will determine the strength of the unwanted effects when you are under pressure. I, for example, have a great deal of the BB personality type, the Phlegmatic personality. However, I have observed over the years that when I am starving, my personality type changes to the AA type, the actual Choleric type, which means We become highly focused on acquiring food and do not care exactly what anyone else wants to do. This is the complete reverse of the general personality type. I do not know many people who have this switch, and I also am very careful to ensure that We never become very starving. If I do, I attempt to combat the negative characteristics by controlling the thought patterns.

This right now brings me to an extremely important point. Stressful situations may show up weaknesses in most of us. However, capturing the times you are starting to screen your negative traits is possible. Whenever you realize that you are behaving wrongly, you can take charge of your thought process and eliminate the negative believed patterns. This will allow your advantages to shine through by reducing your stress amounts. Read also:

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