An Overview of SingPass Mobile App Features


The SingPass mobile app is a one-stop solution for digital government services in Singapore. The app offers a wide range of features to protect your account. These features include the MyInfo Profile, Fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, 6-digit passcode, and more. This article provides an overview of some of the features available.

MyInfo Profile feature

The MyInfo Profile feature of the SingPass mobile app is a great feature that allows users to access personal data easily. The app will enable users to personalize information on their accounts by providing biometric authentication or six-digit passcode. They can also access commonly used digital services without a token. Users have complete control over their information and can even opt out if they want to remove it from the app.

The MyInfo system retrieves personal data from government sources and user-provided information. This information is then stored across multiple systems and protected with multi-layered security. This allows businesses to access customer information quickly and easily. It also helps streamline the onboarding process by reducing the need to verify data. Moreover, the MyInfo feature allows users to select which fields to be pre-filled with government-verified data.

Since the MyInfo feature was introduced, it has been used by nearly 600 digital services in Singapore. It has also helped decrease the time spent on application forms by up to 80 percent. In addition, users can view their personal information across different government agencies with a single click, thereby saving time and avoiding mistakes in form-filling. Another feature of the MyInfo profile is Notify, which allows users to receive relevant notifications from government agencies. In addition, this feature can automatically log in to online accounts, enabling users to keep track of their online accounts from anywhere.

Fingerprint scanning

SingPass mobile app has added a fingerprint scanning feature to its list of features. The app makes it more convenient for SingPass users, as they no longer need to remember passwords or use the traditional pin code to log in to SingPass services. The app also features enhanced security features to keep out malicious software. Users can now only use fingerprints, facial images, or 6-digit passcodes to unlock SingPass accounts.

The biometric feature is also more secure than passwords. Passwords are easily cracked, especially by people who often share or set easy passwords. In addition, users often forget their passwords, which makes them easy targets for hackers. It is estimated that 150,000 password reset requests are made every month. SingPass Mobile is compatible with all Android and Apple iOS devices and requires a one-time set-up to activate the fingerprint scanning feature.

The SingPass mobile app is linked to the OneKey security token issued by Assurity Trusted Solutions. The security token verifies a SingPass Mobile user’s identity, allowing them to access government websites with their mobile devices.

Facial recognition

With the SingPass Mobile app launch, Singaporeans can now log in with their fingerprints and facial recognition instead of remembering passwords to access the government’s digital services. This mobile application was developed by GovTech Singapore and will allow users to complete their digital transactions on the go. In addition, this app has enhanced security measures to protect your data.

The face recognition function is not available for every SingPass user yet, but it will be made available to all users as part of the national digital identity program. This feature will make it easier for customers to identify trusted SingPass users. Once you sign in with your SingPass ID and password, the system will scan your face and compare it with the one-time password stored in the SingPass database.

Banks, government institutions, and other organizations can use facial recognition technology to verify a person’s identity. It uses facial recognition software that scans a subject’s face and matches it with a database of facial signatures. Once the software has verified a person’s identity, they can log into the bank app or phone.

6-digit passcode

The Singpass Mobile App offers a variety of security features that help you manage your account and stay protected. For example, it can log in with your face or fingerprint and can also be used to receive notifications from government agencies. It can also help you protect yourself from identity theft by allowing you to scan your QR code and authenticate yourself. To use the Singpass Mobile App, you’ll need a smartphone with a data connection and a registered Singpass account.

The app requires an Android device with a minimum of Android version 6. It also requires 100MB of free storage space. It would be best if you also had Google Play services installed. Some devices might prompt you to “set settings changed” when you attempt to use SingPass. If this occurs, you may have a rooted device. In addition, certain apps may provide remote administration functions or fake GPS. If this is the case, you may want to remove these apps before installing the SingPass Mobile app.

Once you’ve downloaded the SingPass app, you can begin connecting to websites and services quickly. The app supports face recognition and fingerprint authentication. It also offers shortcuts to many commonly used digital services.

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