Alteryx Tutorial


In this Alteryx tutorial, Patrick Kelly walks through common Alteryx activities one by one. Each step is explained with examples to back up the theory. For example, he creates examples of starting data and output. He also creates a scenario that involves a small business needing to use Alteryx to deliver a certain result. By incorporating examples throughout the Alteryx tutorial, students will gain familiarity with real-life business requests and their related requirements.


Alteryx is a powerful data analysis tool, which empowers data scientists and analysts to create rich, data-driven datasets. The software provides a user-friendly, end-to-end data preparation and analysis process. Using Alteryx, users spend less time prepping and more time analyzing data. Alteryx offers powerful spatial, predictive, and statistical analysis capabilities. The software allows users to convert datasets into Tableau extracts quickly.

Many Tableau users have used Alteryx as their data preparation tool, but a new feature, Tableau Prep, gives them a new option. The Alteryx Starter Kit makes data preparation simple, and it even loads data directly into Tableau.

Data cleaning

Data cleaning is an important part of data wrangling. This process aims to transform the data into meaningful formats so that it can be used for analysis. Unclean data may contain null values, unwanted characters, or poorly formatted categorical values, which can lead to inaccurate conclusions. In Alteryx, you can use a Data Cleansing tool to eliminate these problems.

Alteryx is an analytics software designed for data analysts at large enterprises. It has an ETL flow user interface that allows you to create a data cleaning process and view it at each step. Using this tool, you can also perform various data transformations such as importing and exporting data.

Workflow automation

Creating a workflow in Alteryx is easier than you might think. You can use built-in functions to merge datasets, perform predictive analysis, and even write mathematical calculations. The Alteryx tutorial teaches you how to get started. After you complete the tutorial, you’ll be able to create your first workflow in no time.

Alteryx is software that helps you automate tasks in your business. Whether you need to automate accounting closes, reconciliations, forecasts, or audits, Alteryx can help you. The tool lets you choose from pre-built workflows or create your own.

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