A White Label SEO Company’s Keyword Research and Placement Strategies

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Keyword research and placement are SEO approaches and strategies that can mean the difference between two websites. White-label SEO companies that are competent typically use these strategies. What is the perfect way to find the ai seo packages?

An excellent white label An SEO company will always recognize that intelligent keyword selection is critical to the success of your website. Lack of knowledge and/or awareness about the significance of keyword research and keyword placement may jeopardize your goal of ranking better in the main search engines.

The following are some crucial pointers for keyword research, selection, and placement:

Keyword Investigation:

The first, or most basic, step in developing content for your website—or even choosing a domain name—is to conduct keyword research. There are numerous free and paid software and tools available to help you find and analyze profitable, related keywords for your website. The Google Keyword Tool is one of the most prominent free keyword research tools.

What keyword should you pick?

Choosing successful keywords is always a challenge. When it comes to keyword selection, there are no hard-and-fast rules. However, for a quick grasp of the keyword selection process, consider the following basic principles and cases:

Monthly Lookups:

One method of keyword selection is based on monthly searches:

1. High Search Volumes: Your first aim should be high search volumes. because your profit is directly proportional to the amount of traffic you receive.

2. Low Search Volumes: Low search volumes should be avoided for the obvious reasons stated above.


Another method of keyword selection is based on the competition:

1. High Competition: Due to the high competition, it is exceedingly tough to rank on the first page by outperforming all of the seasoned entrepreneurs.

2. Low Competition: Low competition is always preferable because it is easy to rank against.

The Best Criteria Possible:

Terms with a large search volume will have a lot of competition, and vice versa. As a result, it is often recommended to choose a moderately popular keyword with moderate competition. It will not be difficult to rank high, and if you are ranked on the first pages, you will have a decent chance of getting a lot of traffic and revenue.

Keyword Positioning:

Keyword placement is as crucial as keyword selection. Many people do not place enough importance on keyword placement, even though it can easily be a deciding factor in a website’s rating. Keyword placement is an on-page SEO approach with various sub-techniques. The following are some of the ‘hot’ keyword positions to consider while undertaking keyword placement.

Name of the domain:

Your primary keyword should always be in your domain name. However, finding such a domain name becomes difficult because the vast majority of domain names have already been purchased. To counteract this, consider using longer domain names with various permutations and combinations to obtain an available domain name.


Your primary or linked keywords should also be in the URL address of your webpage. The presence of the sought-after term in the URL address can have a major impact on the ranking of your webpage in search engines.

The tags H1 and H2:

When creating a webpage, don’t forget to include your keywords in the H1 and H2 tags. In terms of SEO and rankings, these two tags are the most potent for content. The H1 and H2 tags refer to the main subject and the table of contents, which are critical for enhancing your search engine results.

Meta Information:

The presence of your core keywords in the meta description is critical not just for SEO, but also for enticing your readers to click on your webpage.

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