360 Trader Review – Should You Use This Broker?


Trade360 trader is a fintech trading platform that offers leverage up to 1:400. Besides using MetaTrader 5 as its trading platform, it also offers no bonuses or promotions. Below are some features that will help you decide whether or not to use this trading platform. Its main selling point is that it focuses on a community of traders, so it should be more accurate than individual traders.

Trade360 trader is based on a fintech company.

The 360 traders are based on a financial technology company and are very user-friendly. It offers a range of trading instruments and over 100 technical indicators. You can set Specific Leverage on each position and use a Profit/Loss simulator. It also offers Individual Deal Protection which enables you to buy insurance on your positions. The 360 trader is a beta version of the product and has been in testing for three months.

The spreads of 360 traders are higher than other brokers and are variable. Moreover, you must pay a $100 account maintenance fee every 45 days. Also, it charges a commission if you leave an open position overnight. However, it’s a worthwhile investment for someone who does not need much money.

360 trader is an educational platform for investors and traders. It supports MetaTrader5 but does not support Mini accounts. It has an iPhone, iPad, and Android app that lets you control your trading anywhere you want.

It offers leverage up to 1:400

A 360 trader is a professional online brokerage that provides leverage up to 1:400. They have different levels of leverage and allow you to choose what suits your needs best. For example, if you’re a professional, you can get up to 1:400 leverage. In contrast, a retail client can get up to 1:100. The platform allows you to select your leverage ratio before you make any trades and offers multiple payment methods.

Leverage is a tool for the forex trading industry that allows investors to access a higher amount of capital than they would otherwise have. This allows for more flexibility in trading and allows for higher profits. However, trading with leverage over 400:1 is highly risky. The best traders use a leverage ratio of 100:1.

In addition to the standard WebTrader platform, a 360 trader offers two types of accounts: professional and retail. For professionals, they offer a separate account with increased leverage up to 1:400.

It offers MetaTrader 5 as its trading platform.

Trade360 offers more than 100 trading instruments and uses the MetaTrader 5 platform for its trading operations. In addition, it also offers a WebTrader terminal with CrowdFeed technology, which constantly monitors the volume of purchases and sales in the market. This feature helps traders make informed decisions about volatility and the balance of long-term positions. In addition, the WebTrader platform allows for the customization of leverage. The company also offers Islamic accounts that do not charge swap fees or commissions for Muslim traders.

MetaTrader 5 offers a complete price analysis environment, including 38 technical indicators, 44 graphical objects, and 21 timeframes. In addition, it supports fundamental analysis, which is the study of economic and social factors and their effects on supply and demand. The software has many features and supports both automated and manual trading strategies.

Another benefit of MetaTrader 5 is its ability to offer trading platforms on any device. Its web platform is compatible with mobile devices, allowing you to trade from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can also use the platform for automated trading and copy trading.

It offers no bonuses or promotions.

Trade360 does not offer a welcome, sign-up, or deposit bonus to new traders. This policy is in line with EU regulations. However, many brokers try to attract new customers with these bonus offers. If you receive one of these bonuses, you will likely have to pay it back depending on the amount of money you initially invested.

Despite this lack of promotional incentives, Trade360 offers attractive trading conditions. For example, it is possible to get referral bonuses from other traders, which can be an attractive addition to a broker’s promotional program. However, most CySEC-regulated firms do not offer such incentives to new traders. In addition, you may have to meet certain criteria to qualify.

If you want to use the Trade360 no deposit bonus, you should read the terms and conditions first. This free money is available for seven days only. If you do not deposit your money within that timeframe, your positions will be closed. Moreover, the requirement for withdrawal is quite high. You need to deposit at least $100, which is higher than the free bonus amount and make at least one trade. Moreover, the trade must have a duration of at least 10 minutes.

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