2010 Ford Mustang GT Review


Whether you’re looking for a car to rumble through your favorite street, or you’re looking for a sporty, reliable coupe to get you around town, the Ford Mustang GT can help you do both. You’ll find a powerful 302 cubic-inch (4.9-liter) V8 engine, a spacious interior with room for four, and a variety of options for getting your ride ready for a night on the town.

Refinement of the new Mustang GT

Considering the fact that the 2010 Ford Mustang GT is a new car, it’s a pretty safe bet to expect a lot of upgrades. This includes new engines, a new chassis, and a bunch of new features.

The new Mustang GT has a lot to offer, including a 5.0-liter V8 with Boss-inspired styling. It also has a stiffer shaft, an independent rear suspension, and a 10-speed automatic transmission. The interior is also much more refined than last year’s model. The cabin is spacious enough for front-seat passengers, and it’s also well-insulated from wind and rain.

The new Mustang GT isn’t the fastest car around, but it does have a nice straight-line speed. The coupe has an impressive 4.5-second zero-to-60-mph time. It also feels more like a grand tourer than a sports car.

The new Mustang has a 15.5-inch touchscreen that’s intuitive to operate. The new center console also flows up to the edge of the redesigned instrument panel. There’s also a dual air intake box that minimizes induction loss.

Power of the 302 cu in (4.9 L) V8

Whether you call it the 5.0 L or the 4.6 L, the power of the 302 cu in (4.9 L) V8 in the Ford Mustang GT is no small matter. The engine has been used in Mustangs since 1968. It was one of seven V-8s available in 1969-73 Mustangs.

The Mustang GT was one of the first V8s to use a multiport fuel-injection system. A three-valve head enables an increase of about 18 pound-feet of torque. The engine’s peak torque is obtainable at 4250 rpm. The Mustang GT can run a quarter mile in 13.2 seconds at 109 mph.

The Mustang GT was redesigned in 2003. The engine was re-engineered with a more efficient firing order, a larger twin-barrel carburetor, and a less restrictive exhaust manifold. It is rated to produce 412 horsepower.

The Mustang GT’s engine produces a torque of 390 lb-ft. It is mated to a three-speed automatic transmission. It can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds.

Seating for four people

Having seats for four isn’t a problem in the Ford Mustang GT. It can seat two passengers in the back or three in the rear seats. However, the car is a bit cramped.

The rear seats are small and not that comfortable for adults. They are more suited for kids. The Ford Mustang has two complete sets of LATCH connectors.

The Ford Mustang has a big boot. It has 13.5 cubic feet of trunk space. This is more than a Mercedes C-Class Coupe. The rear seats fold forward.

The Ford Mustang GT has a lot to offer. It has a powerful V8 engine. It is capable of doing 0-60 mph in under four seconds. It is fun to drive. It has a six-speaker stereo and active noise control. It also comes with premium carpet floor mats. It also has a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The Ford Mustang has more front legroom than the Chevy Camaro. It also has the largest boot in its class. This is a good thing.

Engine options

Whether you’re looking for a base engine or a race-proven V8, Ford has a variety of engine options for the Ford Mustang GT. Regardless of the engine you choose, you’ll get the legendary Ford Mustang style, comfort, and performance.

The base engine returns great fuel economy, and the turbocharged 2.3 L inline-4 is the perfect choice for fun driving. You can also choose a manual transmission, which offers a sportier driving experience.

For a more powerful drive, you can opt for the 5.0-liter Coyote V8. However, the torque output will drop by 10 pound-feet. That’s a reduction of 10 hp from the sixth-generation Mustang’s Mach 1 model, which produced 480 hp from that engine.

The 2.3 L EcoBoost is a four-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes 350 lb-ft of torque. This engine features a new dual-fuel system and port injection. The new unit is designed to outperform the previous 2.3 L Mustang’s fuel economy and emissions. It’s also available with a six-speed manual transmission.

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